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Salchain - the world's finest conveyor and elevator chains

Backed by the vast resources of the Baughan Group, Salchain has a long term commitment to the industries which it serves and provides products of a high quality standard with exceptional customer support. 

Salchain products are used extensively in Mining, Sugar, Food, Fertilizer, Timber and many other industries. Our comprehensive product range includes chains manufactured from rolled steel, castings and forgings. Straight or cranked link chains are available with a variety of special attachments to meet our customers’ needs. To supplement this range of chain products, sprockets are supplied on request. All of our products are manufactured from a range of Stainless, Carbon or Alloy steels with stringent quality standards being applied in a modern fully equipped workshop environment. Salchain also offers a range of roller transmission and other popular chains to complement our extensive range of conveyor and elevator chains.

To facilitate our manufacturing operations in meeting client’s expectations, our staffs include experienced and university qualified engineers and metallurgists.

For over 40 years Salchain has supplied a range of conveyor and elevator chain products to customers throughout the world. All products are manufactured to strict quality control standards to ensure full compatibility with internationally recognized chain specifications. A well established client base, developed over many years, is testimony to Salchain's product quality and excellent customer service.


Salchain's Quality Assurance System complies fully with ISO 9001.


P & H Minepro Stamler

P&H Mining Equipment offers Stamler Products, a leading supplier of feeder-breakers for mining operations.

Ohai Stamler Feeder.


Mining Engineering and Tunnel Construction

The Heintzmann group produces and supplies tunnel construction solutions.

Our services also include the heat annealing of all kinds of steel which can be water annealed for key accounts and tunnel construction.

With subsidiaries in Germany and abroad, we succeed in directly and efficiently organizing the communication channels between the development and production plants in Germany and the international mining and tunnel construction partners.

Tunneling Know-how

Worldwide Product Recognition! The improved technique in mining and the achieved experience of Bochumer Eisenhütte Heintzmann are also used in tunneling. 

In the beginning 80s lattice girders and mainly three bar lattice girders found their way to modern tunneling. Together with TH- and GI-Profiles they are today part of the modern standard of technique in combination with shot Crete. 

With the design of the “strong wave”, Bochumer Eisenhütte Heintzmann has developed a girder which has been firmly established in subway-, caverned sewers projects as well as in railway- and subway tunnels. 

The worldwide used girder is based on a well-founded static calculation, taking in consideration all elements of this filigree system proven by exact evaluation. The connections, their components, bolts and nuts are coordinated with each other and meet the requirements of DS 853 (Guideline of Deutsche Bahn AG).