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Mason Engineers (NZ) Limited is a company whose name has been synonymous with engineering in New Zealand for more than sixty years. During this time Masons have been associated with many of the developments undertaken in this country and view their past achievements with pride.

Through its own broad experience and through associations with overseas companies - all of them leaders in their fields - Masons is able to offer professional expertise in a number of chosen areas such as;

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We are the Agents for . . . .  

Here are just a few of the products/services that Masons are agents for.


Vahle Electrification Systems.

Our history dates back to 1912 when Paul Vahle, a maintenance engineer at a steel mill, invented the Copperhead Conductor. Over the past 99 years, VAHLE has been an industry leader with numerous technological advances and patented products. VAHLE electrification systems are sold throughout the world and are renowned for their quality and reliability. VAHLE mobile electrification components are manufactured in Kamen, Germany and VAHLE is ISO 9001 Certified. VAHLE has been providing mobile electrification systems, cable management systems and installation services.

Passavant Geiger.

The know-how concentration of Passavant, Geiger and Noggerath offers customers from municipalities and industry on all continents investment security and reliability regarding development and implementation of effective and economic solutions for water, waste water, sludge, recyclable matter and residues treatment.

Evoqua Water Technologies.

From bench-top high purity lab water to industrial water reuse systems; from drinking water to wastewater treatment and recycling; Evoqua Water Technologies touches every component of water and wastewater treatment.