We design, supply and construct wastewater plants to meet and exceed client requirements, incorporating both biological and membrane systems.

Masons work with a variety of brands and partners to create wastewater plants:

Aqua Aerobic

Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc. are a company involved in both the water and wastewater treatment industry. They service their customers around the world with performance-proven, quality products and systems that are able to adapt with the changing demands of the industry.

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Aqua Consult

Aerostrip strip aerators from Aqua Consult are used today in more than a thousand industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants.

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EWK are a supplier of exhaust air, exhaust gas and process gas purification systems, who have been involved with environmental protection for decades. They offer proven techniques and system solutions under economic and ecological aspects.

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Jim Myers and Sons

JMS designs and manufactures equipment for water and wastewater treatment applications. Since being established, JMS has become a recognised supplier with an extensive network of manufacturer’s representatives.

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Memcor products have become an industry leader in the global wastewater treatment markets, with microfiltration and ultrafiltration solutions for drinking water, water reuse, wastewater, desalination pre-treatment and industrial process water.

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Next Turbo Technologies

Next Turbo designs and manufactures efficient, modern turbo-compressors for the aeration process, focused mainly on the wastewater treatment industry.

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For all this area we produce fully developed products, no matter if series products or contract manufacturing with special developments are required. Our wide range of products covers throttling devices, rinsing plants, separators, weirs, products for sewage technology, fittings and products for control technology and sewage management.

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Veolia Water Technologies

Veolia Water Technologies offers a range of advanced water and wastewater treatment solutions, including AnoxKaldnes™ MBBR, Actiflo®, Hydrotech disc filters, and Ecodisk™.

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Our Environmental Projects

Motueka WWTP
Waihi Water Treatment Plant
Paeroa WTP